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Namgyal Tsultrim 2015Dharamshala — Emerging reports coming out of Tibet say, seven Tibetan monks have been detained in eastern Tibet for allegedly "spreading out photographs and information dealing the issues of Tibet.

Chinese authorities in Sog County (Ch: Suo, Naqu, Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region) Kham region of eastern Tibet on Saturday, March 14, arrested seven Tibetan monks for their role in allegedly sending out photographs and information spreading information dealing with the grim situation in Tibet."

"The seven monks of Tsanden monastery in Sog County of eastern Tibet have been identified as Namgyal Tsultrim, Lodoe Tenzin, Tsultrim Gojey, Tusltrim Namgyal, Thabkhey Lhundup, Jigme Tsultrim and Jigme Dakpa," Ngawang Tharpa, a Tibetan living in Dharamshala told The Tibet Post International on Tuesday.

The authorities did not explained the reason for their arrests and their current whereabouts and condition is unavailable," he said. adding that "the current condition and whereabouts of the arrested monks remain unknown."

local Tibetans believe the seven were detained for allegedly "sending photographs and messages considered subversive to the Chinese government."

He said over 50 surveillance cameras have now been installed around the monastery to monitor the monks' every move and tightened with heavy deployment of security personals. and that Tibetans had been issued with "identity cards with second-generation high-tech chips."

According to a TPI previous report, under suspicion of maintaining contacts outside of the region, Namgyal Tsultrim was taken a prisoner on the October 6, 2012. At first, he was placed in Nagchu prison and there for a short period after which he was moved to a detention centre and for a period of four months and twenty-eight days.

He was constantly moved between the two facilities. After this, he was taken to Toelung prison in Lhasa where he was imprisoned for 3 months and eleven days, serving over 8 months in totality in prison.

Tsultrim was finally released on May 11, 2013. During his imprisonment, he was heavily tortured and maltreated by the prison authorities. Out of prison, his body reportedly non-responsive and lost all use of his left arm.

Arbitrary arrests and detention have increased amid unusual intensification of state surveillance measures in the region. The military and police presence is reported to have significantly increased recent days.

Chinese authorities are isolating Tibet from the world, particularly in the areas where the self-immolation protests often occurred. Tibetans face lengthy jail sentences and torture for sharing information about any protests, including the self-immolations.

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