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Jamyang-Jinpa-Sangchu-county-TibetDharamshala – A source living inside Tibet has revealed that a Tibetan Buddhist monk was arrested without cause and then abducted by Chinese authorities for the second time in seven years on March 13.

Jamyang Jinpa is a monk at Labrang Tashi Kyil Monastery in Sangchu County, Amdo region of north-eastern Tibet (Ch: Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu province). Chinese police have not commented on the status of Jinpa since his arrest.

Golok Jigme – a Tibetan ex-political prisoner under the Chinese government and a friend of Jinpa – said: "We don't know where he has been taken and when he will return."

Jinpa comes from Achok Yar-ru, a small town in Achok Township, which is in Sangchu County, Amdo region.

Jigme reported that Jinpa and himself were originally arrested by Chinese authorities on May 7, 2008 as part of the crackdown on the widespread Tibetan protests that proliferated during that summer. Jinpa and Jigme were simultaneously arrested with over 700 fellow monks at Labrang in a raid of the Monastery by Chinese police.

Ven Jigme added: "Many monks were released after several days, but Jinpa and I weren't. We were interrogated for 40 days by Chinese police while being tortured. We were forced to hold our arms above our heads and our wrists and ankles were shackled against a wall. The shackles had sharp metal teeth that pierced our skin and caused severe, lasting pain."

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