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Tibet-Tenzin-Lhundup-2015Dharamshala — A Tibetan scholar has been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for alleged anti-Chinese government activities.

"Ven Tenzin Lhundup was sentenced in May 2015 after being held in detention for nearly a year," a Tibetan living in exile told the Tibet Post International.

"Chinese government accused him of engaging in anti-government activities, including encouraging the local opposition to Chinese mining at a sacred Mountain in the county last year."

"Ven Lhundup was arrested in Shagchu township of Driru county, in May 2014, when he was speaking at a public gathering about the preservation of Tibetan language and culture," he said.

"Chinese officials did not notify Lhundup's family of his whereabouts and condition," according to the sources in the region.

"Authorities only informed Lhundup's family that he had been sentenced," he said, adding "there was no indication that a trial had ever been held."

"Lhundup was severely beaten and tortured by Chinese police, almost a year during his detention in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet" the sources said.

He had earned much respect from the local Tibetans as he is known for advocating the need to preserve Tibetan, Buddhism, culture and identity. He regularly encourages the local Tibetans to protect their sacred mountain from Chinese miners, said the source.

Tenzin Lhundrup is a resident of Geney Village in Shagchu Town and was ordained a monk at a young age at Gom Gonsar Monastery in Driru County. He is an accomplished Buddhist scholar, and had extensively studied Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, literature and culture.

He underwent meditation retreat for three years since 2002 at Drikung Thil Monastery, the main seat of the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism which is located some 120-km to the north-east of Lhasa. After his return to Gom Gonsar - his home monastery, he served as the head of the prayer sessions and taught Buddhist philosophy to the monks.

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