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tibet-gunfire-2016Dharamshala — Chinese police have opened fire on a group of Tibetans in Serta County, eastern Tibet, reportedly killing two and wounding several others, after Chinese police helped a thief stealing 20 yaks from local Tibetans in his truck.

Chinese police, in alleged partnership with thieves, shot and severely wounded local homeowners in town of Horshul in Karze, Sertha County, Eastern Tibet, on Wednesday evening, March 30, a former political prisoner, Ven Golog Jigme, now a resident of Switzerland, reported to the Tibet Post International.

Ven Jigme told the TPI, "a local of Horshul township witnessed a Muslim driver taking 20 yaks from locals in his truck. He asked the driver who had sold him the yak, and when the driver failed to reply was able to overcome the vehicle and save the livestock before being taken."

Shortly after, the Sertha County police arrived to retrieve the vehicle, however when locals explained the situation to the police, acting apparently in partnership with the thieves, the police allegedly opened fire on the locals, putting some in critical care.

He further explained, "police opened fire on the neighborhood, severely injuring and possibly killing two locals who have been taken to a Chinese hospital after the local hospital was unable to treat their wounds."

It is still unknown exactly how many people were killed or injured when the Chinese police attacked local Tibetans, causing further complicated the the incident.

Photographs received by the TPI also showed local Tibetans with serious wounds on the legs and other parts of the body after the incident.

Karze County (Ch: Ganzi) has seen some of the most violent clashes between Tibetans and Chinese authorities. According to the sources, two Tibetans; Ngage and Sophel were shot in the chest and leg at least many others seriously wounded after police opened fire on unarmed Tibetans who had gathered to save their animals.

Most parts of Tibet have suffered severe crackdowns and been under heightened restrictions and controls in the past six decades, that China calls it a "peaceful liberation". But Tibetans describe a systematic repression, excluded from positions of power and imprisoned.

China's invasion of Tibet and its continuous implementation of harsh policies to crackdown the freedom of Tibetans living inside Tibet have triggered Tibetans to resort to more extreme forms of resistance.

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