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09november20093Dharamshala: A source from eastern Tibet said, over another 300 Tibetans, including elders and children, are peacefully demonstrating in front of the local Chinese government office in Thangkarma, Othok, Lithang county eastern Tibet, having gone without food for three days now in a hunger strike for Tenzin Delek Rinpoche's release. They are arguing that Tenzin Delek is not a criminal, and that without him their community is in chaos, with no one to mediate and keep the peace.

Tibetans also demand that the Chinese government should pay greater attention to Tibetans' issues and requests. But instead of responding in a helpful way, the Chinese government has sent hundreds of soldiers to Othok to suppress the protests. The soldiers from Lithang, Kanze, and Nyagchu, wearing three different uniforms-one white and green, one black, and one dark blue and black-have surrounded the protesters. The protesters have demonstrated in a completely nonviolent way so far. People from four main different nomadic areas have traveled to Thangkarma, Othok area to participate in the protest. These nomads are from the villages of Medthama, Toeney, Trokho, Yeshing, Horama, and Jingdrol.

Yesterday, the Chinese armed military forces arrested 90 people from Sangdha, Bardrong, and Lhadhe villages in the upper Golok region after over 300 Tibetans staging a peaceful demonstration in Nyakchu district, lithang county eastern Tibet. Overt 20 people were brutally beaten by the Chinese, and many lost consciousness. The ground around the protest area is covered in blood, and the situation is very serious, said Nyima Wangchuk from the Othok, Lithang county eastern Tibet currently living in exile. We can not say yet whether there have been fatalities. Someone has been arrested from almost every family in those three villages in upper Golok. The Chinese have forcefully confiscated the protesters' clothing, motorcycles, and many of their possessions.

This demonstration includes the 21 villagers from upper, middle, and lower Golok. Upper Golok includes Sangdha, Bardrong, and Lhadhe villages; Jetsuk, Yardrong, and Dragkar make up middle Golok; and lower Golok includes Gongsar village, Wangdhue, Powa, Kutsoe, Zigrong, Osak, Jangpa, Pakdhu, Dhurong, Thang-ngo, Nyadrong, Maratso, Lhushab, Magandrong, and Kyangkhu villages.

Since 5 December, around 60 people from Nyakchu, Lithang and Golok traveled to Chendu, the capital of Chinese Sichuan province to appeal to Chinese authorities for Tenzin Delek's release, and none of these people have been arrested so far. Their appeal is still under Chinese consideration, unfortunately some Tibetan media mistakenly reported that they were arrested.

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