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Tibet-China-Australia-2017Dharamshala — China has continued its propoganda aimed at diluting the truth in Tibet most recently, as Chinese communist selected 'delegates' have made outragous claims during international trips that Tibetan culture is 'prospering' in Tibet.

The China-Tibetan Cultural Exchange Delegation visited Canberra, on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, to "promote the Tibet Autonomous Region and a dialogue with Australia," according to a report by Australian media SBS.

Sent by the China's State Council Information Office, the delegation says they can help to erase "foreign misconceptions" toward the region and "showcase a true Tibet to the world." But, in reality Chinese authorities have notoriously barred foreign journalists from entering or reporting on Tibet, particularly in the "Tibet Autonomous Region" after an outbreak of widespread protests across Tibet in recent years.

Phurbu, a 55-year-old apparent Chinese communist puppet, made such outragous claims, in support of the Chinese Communists, who have carried out genocide against 1.2 people of Tibet.

"Tibetan culture, it’s far from being extinct. Quite on the contrary; it has been properly preserved and it has prospered. I think it’s undeniable that Tibetan culture is at its best time in history," said Phurbu (Ch: Pubu), a 'senior member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in the Shannan Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region.'

Another delegation also concluded a visit to Japan on August 23, during which they briefed Japanese lawmakers, press, and religious groups about Tibet, claiming there has been "great progress made in Tibet Autonomous Region," and adding that "Buddhist monks and nuns can now enjoy all benefits of social welfare in the region."

It is not the first time that a group of Chinese puppets from the so called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) has been used to spread the authoritarian regime's propaganda about Tibet and to engage in an intensified campaign against His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A group of the Chinese Communist party puppets from Tibet visited Japan in June this year and called upon Japan to "properly handle Tibet-related issues" during their meetings with the Japanese officials.

In April 2016, another group of communist party puppets from TAR visited the United States and The group told the U.S. officials that Tibet has always been part of China, and there is no basis for "Tibet issue." during their official week-long visit to US.

However Tibetans have called them 'Chinese Puppets,' saying the Chinese communist authorities have in reality turned the whole of Tibet into a hell with 'occupation, colonization, political repression, cultural assimilation, language elimination and environmental destruction' under totalitarian rule following the 1949 invasion.

What comes out of this massive and detailed dossier is a tale of horror and genocide, in which dictator Mao Zedong emerges as one of the greatest mass murderers in history, responsible for the deaths of at least 65 million people during the ten years known as the Cultural Revolution between 1966 and 1976; a time that brought chaos and bloodshed in China and in the occupied nations– Tibet, Manchuria, Eastern Turkestan and Southern Mongolia.

Tibet was invaded by Communist China in 1949. Since that time, over 1.2 million out of only 6 million total Tibetans have been killed, over 6000 monasteries have been destroyed and acts of murder, rape, arbitrary imprisonment, torture, and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment have been inflicted on the Tibetans inside Tibet. Beijing continues to call this a "peaceful liberation".

China has ruled Tibet with its failed iron fist policies, in the past half-century. During this time several Chinese puppets have been appointed to positions of low ranking officials. Theses officials including Lobsang Gyaltsen, (Ch: Losang Jamcan) Che Dalha (Ch: Qizhala) and Pema Trinley, (Ch: Padma Choling). TAR does not encompass the whole of historical Tibet, as China claims, it actually only includes a small part of what constituted historic Tibet, while the 'Tibet Autonomous Region,' does not apply to any historical case.

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