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29january20101Four Tibetans from the Sok County in eastern Tibet, were each sentenced by the so-called Chinese "Nagchu Municipal Intermediate People's Court" for up to three years imprisonment, according to information provided by Ngawang Tharpa, from Sok County who is currently living in exile. The four were sentenced by the Court on 5 January, 2010.

Tenzin Dhargye was sentenced to three years imprisonment for allegedly taking part in pro-independence demonstrations which spread throughout Tibet in 2008 and allegedly fleeing to India illegally. Yeshi Jinpa was sentenced two years imprisonment for allegedly fleeing to India illegally. Tharpa informed Tibet Post International that both were taken from Sok County to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

Jinpa went to Lhasa for medical treatment but since his arrival he has been hospitalized due to a further decline in his health.

In addition, Choedon, a 48-year old Tibetan nun, and 17-year old Norbu Sangpo, each received a one year prison sentence. The two Tibetans remain in Nagchu prison to serve their respective terms.

The arrests came on 2 December, 2009 while Dhargye and Jinpa were performing their prostrations at Jokhang Temple, the most sacred shrine in Lhasa. Choedon and Zangpo were delivering food to them at the time.

Tharpa concluded that, since the beginning of 2010, a work team consisting of 31 Chinese officials have been in Sok County to reinforce Chinese political policy in addition to surveying the number of people who have lived in foreign countries.

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