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04march20103Dharamshala: Tashi, a Tibetan man from Rata village, Sog County in the East of Tibet, has been detained by the Chinese authorities since the middle of last month, Mr Ngawang Tharpa from Sog County currently living in Dharamshala Today told The Tibet Post International.

"He is charged with contacting the outside world and looking at political pictures on the internet. The 24 year old is now incarcerated in Napchu county, Eastern Tibet," said Tharpa.

According to Mr Tharpa, another Imprisoned Tibetan, Gyalsang - who was arrested during the 60th National Chinese Day and was sentenced to 3 years in prison - was permitted visits from his family, however he faces weekly interrogations which involve frequent beatings.

In general, the situation in Sog County, particularly in Rata village, has become very intense under the Chinese "Love your Religion, Love your Country" political campaign so called "Patriotic Re-education Campaign."

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