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Adri Rinpoche, spiritual leader of Vonpo Monastery, Dzachukha, eastern Tibet. Photo: TPIDharamshala: Chinese authorities recently sentenced Adri Rinpoche, a respected senior Tibetan Buddhist monk, and his son Dasher, both claimed to have received serious charges linked to the March 2008 protests in Tibet, the Dharamshala-based National Democrat Party of Tibet told The Tibet Post International on Monday.

Adri Rinpoche is the highly respected chief spiritual preceptor and head of the Ohnpo Monastery, in Dzachukha, Eastern Tibet. He was arrested on March 15, 2008, just five days after more than eight monks from his monastery held a demonstration against the Chinese military occupation and suppression in Tibet.

15march20106Chinese officials refused the requests of his Chinese Buddhist followers—a Chinese court denied their several pleas regarding the Rinpoche's bad health. The Chinese authorities adamantly accuse both him and his son of involvement of the protests lead by monks from the Ohnpo monastery.

In late February of this year, the so-called Intermediate People’s Court in Lhasa sentenced Adri Rinpoche to five years in prison. The Rinpoche's son, Dasher has received 10 years in prison on charges of separatism for sending Tibet information and photos abroad. They are currently being detained in the Chushur jail in the capital of Lhasa, Tibet.

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