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26march20102Dharamshala- A source from Tibet said around 20 students from a primary school in Driry County, Eastern Tibet staged a protest against communist regime of China's occupation earlier this week.

Mr. Ngawang Tharpa, a Tibetan from Sog County currently living in Dharamshala, India told the Tibet Post International today (22nd March) that the students from the central primary school in Tsala Township shouted slogans such as "Chinese out of Tibet", "Tibet is fully independent" and "Let His Holiness come back to Tibet." Later, the student protestors were surrounded by armed Chinese soldiers and police. Some parents and students were hauled in for interrogation. Due to heavy restrictions on information, it is unclear whether any arrests were made.

Thapa said, "We are unsure whether students were arrested or simply detained."
Over the past month, many peaceful protests have been similarly suppressed under China's "Hard Strike" policy of routine intimidation. As part of the campaign, Chinese officials have raided hotels and restaurants checking for IDs, set up numerous security check-points and arrested scores of Tibetans. A similar protest involving students was forcefully disbanded last week in Machu County. Around 40 people from that rally were detained.

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