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2april20105Dharamshala: A Tibetan protester from Driru County in eastern Tibet who stormed the Chinese official building in last month has been arrested, relayed Ngawang Tharpa from a phone call he received from Tibet.

Mr Tharpa from The Tibet Express, which is based in Dharamshala, told The Tibet Post International that Mr Konchok Namgyal was arrested by the Chinese local authorities two weeks ago after removing the Chinese flag from the Chinese community meeting hall, setting the flag on fire and spraying slogans on the front of the building.

"No one knows where he has been detained" said, Mr Tharpa. The Chinese officials took the Tibetan man into custody without declaring any information to his family. Since his detention, he has not been charged and the location of his imprisonment remains unknown. He is reportedly a 22 year old named Konchok from Totho village, Tsachu Town, Driru county, eastern Tibet.

Since March 2008 over 222 Tibetans have been killed, 1,294 injured and 290 sentenced, more than 5,600 were arrested or detained and over 1,000 disappeared after the Chinese armed military deadly cracked down in all parts of Tibet.

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