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18april2003Dharamshala: Chinese authorities have recently arrested two Tibetan students from the Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou, the so called capital of Gansu province in northwestern China ,according to a report published by wokar Tibetan site. The arrested Tibetans were suspected of having involved with  political activism or writings on Tibet issues.

The report said that at 11:30pm on April 4th, around 16 ununiformed Chinese security officials stormed into the university hostel and ransacked the students' rooms, rummaging through the clothes and underneath the beds. The security men have impounded the students' Tibetan books, cell phones, laptops, even the study reference materials, and immediately arrested two young Tibetan writers: Tashi Rabten, pen-name Therang and Druklo, pen name Shokjang.

18april2004In January of last year, Tashi Rabten published a book entitled Blood Letter (Tibetan: Trakyig), which his supporters defend as an honest and accurate description of The March 10th 2008 peacefull protests in all parts of Tibet. The Chinese government, however, had cut off Blood Letter's distribution and confiscated copies that have already been sold, banning this book due to its "suspicious" political content. They began to monitor the author's daily activities and conduct clandestine interrogations, and at one point abducted him.

The report further detailed that some students from the University are declaring that they are going to stage protest against government's harsh policy towards Tibetans; to keep arresting innocent students and flouting one's personal privacy. They have expressed outrageously that "If the government continues to violate our freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of thought, and privacy, we will certainly protest."

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