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24april20102Dharamshala: Chinese authorities have fined (20,000-60,000 Yuan) 21 teachers from the Tibetan Nationality Middle School in Machu County of eastern Tibet for alleged "bad management" of the school and teaching subversive topics to the students, Dolkar Kyab, a researcher living in Dharamshala, told The Tibet Post International, citing a Machu County resident.

In late March and early April 2010, students of the middle school, led by its seniors, staged a series of peaceful protests against the local government, and in response the Chinese government fired the school's headmaster, Kyabchen Dedrol, and his assistants Do-Re and Choekyong Tseten. Later, the two were reportedly arrested by officials from the Public Security Bureau.

When the students of the school submitted a petition to the local Chinese government and demanding that those dismissed be reinstated, the Chinese authorities arrested their vice headmaster, Tibetan teacher Top Den, and two 17-year- students, Tsering Dhundup and Thupten Nyima. The three are being detained in Machu county, according to Dolkar Kyab.

Speaking on the recent situation of the school, Dokar Kyab commented, "Even though the school is not surrounded by armed security forces like before, the teachers and students' daily activities are still highly restricted, and political and legal education are being taught. I heard the students and Chinese security guards (still a number of security men in the school) fell into furious fighting in the school dinning hall recently. " .

The fined teachers' salaries will be withheld for six months or one year.

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