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A lake surrounding a small hill in Kongpo region eastern Tibet. Photo: TPI/FileDharamshala: A heavy storm in Dzayul County, eastern Tibet has left at least 2 students missing and cut water, power supplies, local Chinese authorities told the state controlled news agency Xinhua on Monday.

According to a report published by Xinhua on Sunday, Landslides and mud-and-rock flow cut off road traffic and caused other problems in the county, communication links were also damaged, leaving the county with only one satellite phone to connect with the outside world.

Floods caused by the storm that started to hit the Dzayul county (Ch: Zayu of so called southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region) on April 23 have destroyed at least one house and damaged many others in Dzayul's villages. A student was seen rushing away by the torrents, reported with citing a spokesman with the so called regional government.

Another student had been reported missing. And rescuers are searching for them, he added.

Heavy rains are continuing to ravage Dzayul areas where 208 people have been forced to relocate, he said, without giving more details.

Dzayul County had so far recorded 321.8 mm rainfall in April, the biggest amount for the month in history, according to the regional meteorological bureau, which also forecast more rain in the area in the coming four days. Dzayul, a county of 27,000, is located in eastern Tibet, 960 km from the regional capital Lhasa.

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