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28may20103Dharamshala: Dokru Tsultrim, a Tibetan writer from Ngaba County, Eastern Tibet, was arrested by Chinese authorities on Monday 24th May for the second time in just over a year, according to a close family member. This follows the arrest of his friend Kalsang Tsultrim, a monk from the same monastery, last week.

The writer was arrested for a month in March last year, for publishing articles written by Tibetan youths. He was detained for apparently writing two articles of anti-Chinese sentiment.

The Tibetan monk, Dokru Tsultrim was taken from his Gomang Monastery, where he has lived for the past 5 years, following the arrest of his friend Kalsang Tsultrim and co-worker from Bakham last week.

Dokru Tsultrim's room at the monastery was searched by officials from the Public Security Bureau (PSB), who also made demands to check his laptop whilst searching through other documents in his possession.

Dokru Choedak, a relative of Dokru Tsultrim who is currently living in exile in Dharamshala, has confirmed that Dokru Tsultrim refused to present his laptop to authorities. Choedak has informed the World News Network that during the 8am morning raid, the PSB confiscated a number of documents from the room and did not give any reasons for the arrest. He has stated that his relative is only involved in working with the literary development of Tibetan youths, through the publishing of expressive and sentimental writings and that he is not involved in separatist movements.

"No warrants have been shown by authorities for either arrest and family members are currently not permitted to see them," said Choedak.

Choedak concluded that Dokru Tsultrim and Kalsang Tsultrim had planned to publish a collection of writings by young Tibetans both from inside and outside Tibet, on the human loss and after effects of the tragic Kyegudo earthquake.

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