Dharamshala: The five monks are dressed in layman’s clothes temporarily, also temporary are their weather beaten faces, and exhausted stares.  These five men arrived from Tibet via the Himalayas and Nepal three days ago; for the second time they reveal to international media the human rights offenses that occur daily inside Tibet.  Last year when they found themselves in front of cameras they were afraid of the ramifications of telling the truth, now they are guests of Tibetans in exile including Central Executive Committee of Dhomay (CED) and safely in India there is no reason for them to fear physical harm.

Dharamshala: Three Tibetans from Ngaba district, eastern Tibet who were suspected of being involved in the March peaceful demonstrations were sentenced between 3 to 4 years prison terms by Chinese court in Zoge District, eastern Tibet. The Chinese authorities moved them to various detention centers and exposed Chinese brutality and beatings in the region after their arrests.

Dharamshala—Tibetans from many areas in Dege Jodha District, eastern Tibet continue to not farm to show solidarity for Tibetans from all parts of Tibet.  They resist Chinese pressure to plant, sow, and toil  in order to peacefully remember who have lost their lives in the genocide, those who have been brutally beaten and arrested, and those who are missing, as a result of the Chinese communist regime’s deadly crackdown in all the three traditional province of Tibet last year.

Dharamshala: Namkha Sonam Drakpa, a Tibetan journalist felt something slip into his pocket as he shook hands with the high Lama from his regional monastery, Tibetans in attendance also saw the exchange, and heard the Lama say to Mr. Drakpa "I have a strong belief in you," and thus a political activist for Tibet was made.

Dharamshala: On 24 April 2009, before the morning school bell rang 300 students from Sangchu Tibetan middle school, located next to the Labdrang monastery in Sangchu county, eastern Tibet (Chi: Gansu Province), held banners that declared “democracy and freedom are our supporters” and in the schoolyard took a stand against Chinese denunciation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Dharamshala—An ordained  monk since he was 13 years old Jigme was  involved in monastic art and played many ritual instruments, he also acted as the vice chairman if the Democratic Management Committee.  Today when 42 year old Jigme was released form Chinese custody he did not look like the gregarious man once was, the Tibetan center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) said, "Jigme looked very frail when he reached home after months in detention."

Dharamshala: TibetPost-28-April-2009-Three Tibetan monks from Shapten Monastery in Nagchu county in Tibet were arrested by Chinese authorities on 11 April, they have not been charged. Friends and relatives are unaware of the potential reasons these three were arrested, families are unable to get information about their wellbeing, and they can't provide food and necessary clothing items.

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