Taipei: Chinese authorities state that they have released "more than 1,200 Tibetans who were detained in connection with the protests" throughout Tibet last year, but there are "still at-least 700 people involved in the July riots who were detained" in east Turkestan.

Dharamshala: According to Phuntsok Norbu, a Tibetan monk who lives in Dharamshala, the Chinese court in Kardze County in eastern Tibet just sentenced a Tibetan man to five years in jail for his involvement in a peaceful protest against the "Beijing Olympic Torch rally in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital" on 21 June 2008.

Dharamshala: According to a news website in Tibet, Chinese authorities have recently abducted the Tibetan author Tashi Rabten, pen-name Therang, for his alleged involvement in politically subversive activities. On January 25th, Tashi published a book entitled Blood Letter, which his supporters defend as an honest and accurate description of last year's March 10th protests in Tibet. The Chinese government, however, has cut off Blood Letter's distribution and confiscated the copies that have been sold, banning this book due to its "suspicious" political content. They began to monitor the author's daily activities and conduct clandestine interrogations, and now he has disappeared.

Dharamshala: Around twenty seven Tibetan protesters which led by Norlha and Dhargye staged a demonstration on 27th June at Kyabchen monastery in Dege Joda county to call for release of Migyur Gonpo and Gyatsang Dorjee who were arrested earlier June. Twenty two Tibetans were taken into police custody and  at the monastery and many people were left seriously injured after the armed Chinese forces freely used tear gas, electronic shocks and gunshot, a source from Tibet said.

Dharamshala: A source from Tibet said, three Tibetans from Dege Jodha county, eastern Tibet have been sentenced for two year term each on 4 August by a local Chinese court in Karze , but the Chinese authorities "did not announce about what was the reason for their sentences".

Dharamshala:  A source from Tibet said that Tibetan mother, Tenzin Choedon was relapsed and had to be hospitalized in recent weeks due to her high blood pressure, as a direct consequence of acknowledging the two year suspended death penalty to her 22 aged son Kangtsuk by so called people’s Municipal court of Lhasa. As all the possible medical treatment didn’t work, now she is condemned to her death bed.

Dharamshala: Sources from Tibet reported on Sunday that the situation in Dege Jodha County in eastern Tibet is tense, after ten thousand people from nine villages in this area staged a mass protest against the Chinese authorities, who recently declared that the government will be appropriating a tract of land near the Kyabche monastery.

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