Dharamshala — An article from Human Rights Watch has criticized China's latest attempt 'to whitewash history,' in their eulogy of Tibet’s former political commissar, Ren Rong.

Dharamshala — Senior Tibetan Buddhist monk was released from Chinese prison after serving ten years for for "separatist activities and leaking state secrets."

Dharamshala — Reports from Tibet indicate a crackdown on 'illegal activity,' further persecuting any attempts at expressing the Tibetan identity.

Dharamshala — Chinese police have reportedly detained a senior Tibetan monk in eastern Tibet without explanation.

Dharamshala — A suicide note left by a Buddhist nun from Larung Gar Institute, the largest Tibetan Buddhist center in the world, strongly expressed her outrage against Chinese Government's repressive and discriminatory policies.

Dharamshala — A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, eastern Tibet, on Tuesday evening, reportedly killing 19 people and injuring 247.

Dharamshala — A Tibetan monk who survived a joint self-immolation protest was released on June 29, 2017 after serving more than six years in Chinese prison. The other was released in March 2017 with a leg missing.

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