Dharamshala — A Tibetan monk who survived a joint self-immolation protest was released on June 29, 2017 after serving more than six years in Chinese prison. The other was released in March 2017 with a leg missing.

Dharamshala — Chinese authorities are planning to turn the famous Kumbum Monastery in Northeastern Tibet in to a museum and tourist destination, according to reports from the region.

Dharamshala — Two Tibetan monks have received prison terms of 4–5 years in Ngaba County in eastern Tibet, for their activities challenging rule of the communist regime of China.

Tokyo — A group of the Chinese Communist party puppets from Tibet recently visited Japan and called upon Japan to "properly handle Tibet-related issues" during their meetings with the Japanese officials. 

Dharamshala — A popular Tibetan singer imprisoned for defending Tibetan unity and language has been released from prison after serving four-year sentence.

New York— Campaigns for Tibetans' hearts and minds seem almost tragic against the backdrop of repression in Tibet, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report, adding: "New campaign aimed at increasing loyalty" to Party, China."

Dharamshala — Protests in northeastern Tibet after local authority orders to divert a waterway, taking away locals' drinking water supply, led to a clash between villagers and police, according to sources in the area.

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