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Dharamshala: President Barack Obama has called for cooperation between the divided Democratic and Republican parties in the US Congress during his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. The president advocated the need for action to cut the deficit and meet the challenges posed by competitors China and India to the American economy, claiming the nation was "poised for progress" following the recession.

In order to show unity, Republicans and Democrats broke from tradition and sat together to hear the speech, in which the president urged innovation and cooperation in order for the next generation to counter high unemployment caused by competition from developing economies. He also pledged investment in biomedical research, information technology and clean-energy technology to help create jobs as well as investment in infrastructure, including internet accessibility. Republicans, however, expressed concern over debt and conveyed their opposition to public spending increases.

The president also praised improved relations with both Russia and India and reaffirmed the US commitment in Afghanistan, also commending US combat troops for ending the conflict in Iraq "with their heads held high." Another issue he said needed to be addressed once and for all was that of immigration, though he added that society needed to learn to value the children of undocumented workers and their vital contribution to the nation.
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