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Dharamshala: Google has once again complained about Chinese authorities' alleged interference in its services, as over the past several weeks Gmail users have reportedly encountered difficulties accessing and managing their email accounts.

Google has directly accused the Chinese government of manipulation, saying in a written statement released by a Google spokesperson, "There is no technical issue on our side-we have checked extensively. (...) This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail."

Proxy servers which many people use to circumvent the infamous Great Firewall have also been disrupted, coinciding suspiciously with the recent pro-democracy 'Jasmine Uprising' against authoritarian one-party rule and lack of press freedoms in China, which has been gathering steam across the nation.

The 'highly sophisticated' attacks are thought to be targeting the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, according to a Google blog posting of 11 March.

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