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Dharamshala: - A crucial highway in Tibet was reopened to traffic on Tuesday, after a massive land slide the day before had resulted in the trapping of more than 100 people in nearly 60 vehicles. The landslide is believed to have occurred due to heavy rain in the past few days.

The highway links the so called Tibetan Autonomous Region with Eastern Tibet, the road was reopened to the public at 8:20 local time after rescue teams cleared the debris from the landslide that have coved almost 30 meters of the road. This is a mountainous of the country. Twenty five officers were mobilized to clear up the almost 900 cubic meters of debris, with an excavator and two loading machines.

In 2010, over 700 people are reported dead and 2,000 more were missing after devastating overnight floods and landslides hit Drugchu (Chinese name: Zhouqu), eastern Tibet.

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