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Tibetan monk Lobsang Tsundu, who was arrested in 2008 for his involvement in the Tibetan uprising, has been sentenced to ten years in Chushul prison, near Lhasa.

Tsundu was born in Kyigudo, Kham, in 1965. His father is Lobsgang Shirab and his mother is Dolkar Tsetso. As a child, he attended Ranga monastery and later moved to Drepong monastery near Lhasa.

In 1996, Tsundu moved to south India to study at Drepong's mirror monastery there, and then returned to Tibet.

Many monks from Drepong monastery Tibet participated in the 2008 uprising, and Tsundu was arrested, kept in a detention centre and badly tortured - as witnessed by other prisoners.

Tsundu remained stalwart in his opinions, and was punished for expressing them to prison staff, leading to serious health problems.

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