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Dharamsala: - More than 50 motorbikes, driven by 100 people, undertook a bike rally this morning from Wardha to Nagpur in Maharashtra, south India, to promote the Free Tibet; Save India campaign.

The event was organised by the National Campaign for Tibetan Support (NCFTS), whose members belong to the Buddhist community of Wardha and its surrounding areas.

Executive Secretary Mr Arvind Nikose said, "We will ensure that the issue of Tibet will reach the common masses of India, and call on all who support Tibet to lobby our own elected representatives to table a resolution in the parliament."

The rally was flagged off at 10:30, and culminated with much fanfare at Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur, where Dr Babashahib Bhim Rao Ambedkar took Buddhist vows on 14 October 1956, along with his 380,000 followers.

Due to rainfall, the bikers did not reach Deekshabhoomi until late evening, where they were honoured with Kathas (traditional Tibetan scarves) by the regional chapter of the Tibetan Women's Association, Norgyeling Tibetan Settlement.

The bike rally coincided with the celebration of Dhamma Chakra Pravartan, during which millions of people visit Nagpur.

The National Campaign for Tibetan Support is a member of the International Tibet Network - a global coalition of Tibet-related non-governmental organisations.

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