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Dharamshala: - On March 29, Australian academic Gabriel Lafitte will give a presentation on China's Key Metaphors of Tibet's Environment to the Tibet Policy Institute in northern India.

The presentation questions the terminology used by the Chinese authorities when describing its environmental strategies and methodologies in the Tibetan plateau.

"Some of China's familiar slogans are ‘grazing ban', ‘ecological migration', ‘leap-style development', ‘comfortable housing', ‘grain to green'," says Mr Lafitte.

"Underlying these formulas for reducing Tibet, making Tibet predictable and governable, is the basic metaphor of rangeland degradation."

Mr Lafitte is development policy consultant to the environment & development desk (EDD) of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.

For the full script of the presentation, visit http://www.outlooktibet.com or http://rukor.org/top-ten-cliches-about-environment-in-tibet/

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