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13june20091Dharamshala: Here The Tibet Post International talk with Ms. Lhamo Tso, about her missing husband, Dhondup Wangchen, she said, I believe my husband is innocent.

Have you received support from the exile government or Tibetan NGO’s? "The Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) distributed my husbands DVD, Leaving Fear Behind to collect donations.  My family receives a stipend once a month from the money that the (TWA) collected.  When that money is finished we will have no other support, the Tibetan government does not help us .”

When you met your husband was he a political activist?
I cannot pin point what he was doing at the time when we met, but I sensed that he was doing something important or related to Tibet issue or politics.

What is the age if your youngest child?
eight years old

What do you tell them about their father?
I tell my children that their father is imprisoned, I tell them to inspire them to put all there energy and efforts into their studies, so they can serve the Tibetan nation.  I tell them that here they have food and nourishment, their father does not have these things so they need to use these gifts; it is a responsibility they have to their father.

Despite your suffering do you believe in the cause?
I believe my husband is innocent; he wanted to show the suffering of Tibetan people to the world.  The interviews that he conducted were not related independence movements. When asked her why your husband decided to work on the documentry , she said, the main reason, I think, my husband worked on this documentary is about the truth situation inside Tibet, and he tried to express the past 50 years’ suffering of Tibetans including Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Chinese repression inside Tibet to the wider world.

What is your vision or hope for the future?
It has been a year and three months since my husband’s arrest, and I am still praying for his release.

What is your situation and in general the situation of the families of political prisoners?
Since 1999 I have been sick with liver failure* in addition to being the bread winner for six family members and my husband’s parents additionally. His father was sick for occasionally, mother can not stop her crying everyday. Then, as I said in your earlier interview, I am getting up at 1 o’clock in the morning so I can bake bread to sell it in order to make a living.  In all aspects of life I am facing difficulties.  The families of political prisoners especially after the crackdown of 10 March 2008, they are like me suffering inexpressible hardship and gloom, and I think there is no day for them when they do not shed tears.

Dhondup’ father Dorjee Tsering, 71 years old believes that, whatever his son did for documentary is for a contribution to his nation and tried to express the true sufferings and situations inside Tibet. “He did a good contribution to his following Tibetans and their cause, so I am not sad to his works, but his mother has tears every day as you see now, but I can understand that” he said.

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