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Tibet-struggle-2013Dharamshala: - Our people in Tibet have kept their spirit high and alive to continue non-violence in their struggle against a highly militarized Chinese rule as a powerful message of rejection and defiance.

Feeling proud! Feeling high! Our defiant people in Tibet lifted our spirits high. They had been bruised through the last five decades by the continuous entrapment in our besieged homeland. We must remember His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his tireless efforts in leading the Tibetan people. Tibetans in exile cannot put into words how proud we feel of our people in the three traditional provinces of Tibet.

Each and every day, we have unequivocal messages to the world from our brothers and sisters living in Tibet who make us feel very connected to the decades-long nonviolent struggle against Chinese rule. They describe to us what happened and don't miss the major details. Thanks to them, we could see or read about our many towns and villages, including Lhasa City, the crackdowns and the demonstrations that happened there, the atmosphere, the spirits of the snow land - everything.

In the last five decades, thousands of the Tibetans inside Tibet dedicated their lives to refusing the repressive rule and demanded the regime permit Tibetans to express their grievances freely, publicly, peacefully and without fear of retribution.

When we asked them about the situation in Tibet, we expected their voice to be filled with frustration and anger. Their positive reply always inspired us. 'We managed to send a powerful message of rejection and defiance to the Chinese occupation and the Han settlers who repeatedly break into major towns, including Lhasa. The message that snowland is for the people who advocate the fight for rights, freedom, justice, self-determination, and accountable government and we won't be easily defeated.'

It does make us feel vulnerable to know that our people go through such brutality on a daily basis, and that we, the Tibetans in exile can only support them from behind as our physical presence is impossible under the Chinese 'Apartheid' regime. But it makes us very proud because our people are still determined and defiant. They pay a huge price for living under China's cultural Genocide and without freedom which is subjected to systematic ethnic cleansing policies but they pay the price happily and unitedly because they know that to love a land is to live and die for it.

They tell us how all these non-violent movements started while the crackdown has been very brutal. With the unflinching spirit of the Tibetan people, they might say: "Many people gathered at a Chinese government building to protest against the repetitive provocative arrest, detention or imprisonment carried out by the regime. The angry Chinese forces broke into the demonstration with guns waving amongst the peaceful protesters".

The motivation and action gives an extensive difference between the Tibetans and the Chinese? When our protesters in Tibet wave their hands and hold banners in-front of the faces of the Chinese forces and radical settlers, they are attacked with tear gas bombs and batons. You cannot compare our people's harmless protests to the murderous weapons the Chinese police and forces use to suppress our people. But our people's faith in our just cause empowers them with strength, poise and determination to stand firm in the face of China's brutality and to keep resisting.

The Chinese authorities remained savage and aggressive but they failed to make our people "Surrender and Silence." The regime's brutality inspires our determination to keep up the fight for freedom. Every time they tried violently to disperse the crowds, they gathered again in different locations.

The Chinese police and forces keep chasing them wherever they go or whatever they follow. The world however is seeing clearly their stories of struggle for freedom in Tibet, no matter how much China censors it.

Of-course, we know today is a very difficult time for Tibet. But we must Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow, because history has taught us over and over again that freedom is not free and that Tibetans will never give up on there wish for freedom and a return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

Keep an eye on Tibet. Our people in Tibet face such challenges and risks on a daily basis. These vicious practices by the Chinese government have only one goal: to continue the systematic ethnic cleansing of our people.

We don't wish for anything more than for us to be in Tibet! This post is dedicated to friends from all over the world and strong people in Tibet. We would like them to know how we feel for you. Even if China imposes a thousand more repressive policies to divide our people, we will stay united and feel for each other's suffering. Keep your chins up you fighters of Tibet! They will not manage to continue their frantic efforts to reinforce colonialism in our soil. Free Tibetan people from the rivers to the snows!

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