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23april20106Dharamshala: In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Kyigudo on April 14, killing thousands of people, Tibetan intellectuals and singers, dwelling inside Tibet, expressed their sympathy for quake victims in poems and songs.

The day following the Kyigudo quake, well-known Tibetan poet and comedian Manla Kyab posted a poem in mourning of the tragedy, titled ‘To Share Weal and Woe' on Newyouth, a Tibet-based literary forum website. Popular Tibetan female singer, Rigzen Dolma, later sang the poem with her own composed melody.

Dolma said, "Yushu, (Tibetan Kyigudo) the origin of Three Rivers (Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang), and my beautiful hometown. Dear my fellow brothers and sisters, your sorrow pained my heart. Do not be afraid, my heart is with you forever."

Most of the poems and songs, which have become more and more popular in the aftermath of the earthquake, dedicated to the deceased and other victims of the quake, are intended to be inspiring for those affected by the quake, and to express solidarity with quake-affected fellow Tibetans.

A rough translation of "To Share Weal and Woe":

The sudden disaster
Separated my beloved brothers and sisters
Dead and alive.
You suffer my sorrow physically
and I feel your pain heartily

Om Ma Ni Padme Hum

My beloved brothers and sisters

Our hearts will always be together.

Listen the song by Rigzin Dolma

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