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22july20091Dharamshala:  Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has launched an online public petition on 17 June for release of the detained Tibetan film maker, Dhondup Wangchen. His wife Lhamo Tso campaigns to support the petition despite the Chinese authorities have blocked a lawyer who has been trying to take the case of her husband. The policy made it very clear that China consistently provides rights of legal system in huge differences between Han Chinese and Tibetans.

Dhondup's wife, Lhamo Tso, told Tibet Post on Tuesday he has always been “a very healthy and active man who has always wanted to do something sincere for Tibet.” She said, I am very pleased to see the signature campaigns or petition that launched by the Reporters Without Borders for my husband, and I would like to urge further support of the international communities including Amnesty International and, to join with our innocent manner."

People in Tibet frightened chose their own lawyer to express their true opinions and sufferings. But other hand the Communist leaderships publicly condemned in the criticism of the International communities including Human Rights and press freedom groups and, claiming that their citizens are defended by rights of the law and legal system.

As Lhamo Tso has to take the whole responsibilities of her 8 family members in exile, she said, some support received from RSF, individual and Tibetan NGO. "We have received a financial support through the Tibet correspondent from
Reporters Without Borders in 2007 and a stipend once a month from the money that the Tibetan NGO TWA collected and some other individual.  As I said earlier, when that money is finished we will have no other support."

According to Tibetan woman writer Woeser's blog, The Chinese court official in Northwest China's Qinghai Province warned the Beijing Senior ?lawyer Li Dunyong," that he would not allow to take "the case of Dhondup Wangchen." More over communist regime accelerated attack on the well-known lawyers who take case of Tibetans and Uighur from recently.

21july20091“At my request and advise from RSF, Tibetan NGOs, mainly Tibetan Youth Congress and Tibetan Women’s Association, have shown their supports in this campaign "free Dhondup Wangchen campaign," helping me to collect thousands of signatures for the petition, in addition to  publicizing Dhondup Wangchen‘s film "Leaving Fear Behind" across India. Moreover, with my friends and acquaintances’ assistance, I managed to collect signatures in three major Tibetan monasteries in South India where many thousand Tibetan refugees live. I went to all the Tibetan monasteries and institutions nearby  Dharamsala hill station to carry out the signature collection,” Lhamo Tso added.

International organization including press freedom Watch, 'Reporters Without Borders' and  human rights organization 'Amnesty International' called for the release of Dhondup Wangchen. The film, "Leaving Fear Behind." in which the Tibetans expressed their views on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Tibetan spiritual leader the His Holiness the Dalai Lama and China's current policies in Tibet. The 25 minutes displayed in more than 30 countries since its release.

Li Dunyong is said to believe that Dhondup Wangchen’s actions in making the film do not constitute a crime under Chinese law. But there are serious fears now for Dhondup Wangchen’s welfare as he is held incommunicado and without access to a lawyer of his choice, and a trial is believed to be imminent.

"For Tibetan people, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is their apple of eyes and core of hearts. Therefore, 108 Tibetans inside Tibet expressed their untold sufferings under communist regime of China and their unshakable faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama, despite risking their own lives. It is said that Wangchen’s brother tried to present the script of Wangchen’s film with some pictures to His Holiness when he was paying a visit to Germany in May, 2008, while he unfortunately failed to make it. Then I myself went to private office to deliver the film to His Holiness when the Olympic game was at around the corner, "Leaving Fear Behind" CD came into existence. After all, I had a great opportunity to offer the documentary film to  His Holiness in person recently. I think it is certain that he has watched the documentary film," Lhamo continued.

The Human Rights in Tibet media lists many cases where more aggressive tactics than bureaucratic obstacles and intimidation have been used against lawyers who take on such cases, including arrests, disappearances, and beatings. Li Fangping, Chinese lawyer who attempted to defend two further Tibetan cases earlier this year together with his colleague Jiang Tianyong, has also been blocked from providing legal assistance to two Tibetan monks in eastern Tibet. Xu Zhiyong from Gongmeng fined more than 1.42 million yuan for taking case of Tibetans and Uighur in recently. An important Buddhist figure, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche was denied representation by Zhang Sizhi and Li Huigeng, two prominent lawyers from Beijing.

Mr. Yangsham Gyal, reporter for The Tibet Post International helped to translate the article from Tibetan.

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