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13january20103Dharamshala: Tibetan filmmaker Tenzin Salshey and his production team held a press conference today about their new film, “A Precious Human Life” (Melue Jhurpoche), which aims to deliver a strong message to those Tibetans who use drugs, encouraging them to avoid such substances. Melue Jhurpoche is scheduled to be released in Tibetan settlements across India, Nepal, and Bhutan during the Tibetan New Year (Losar) with help of Tibetan Women's Association during the Tibetan New Year (Losar) .

One of the main characters, Ven Golok Dhabai, a Tibetan yogi who arrived recently from eastern Tibet, said that he was attracted and encouraged by the movie’s story. “I did not play the role for payment, neither thinking of fame, but because of the story and benefits of the movie.” The Ven. Dhabai also wrote many Tibetan songs when he was in Tibet.

Director Tenzin Salshey said that the new film ran a budget of over Rs 5,00000 (five lakh), and around 50 Tibetans performed the different roles. He explained that the theme of his new film was that the inner values of love, care, compassion, affection, tolerance, expressed through calm dialogue can restore youths’ physical and mental health and lead them to a happy life.

Jamyang Sakya, the main actor, described to reporters his experience of playing the main character. “I think that to say it is easy, but to put it into practice is difficult. I never use any drugs or alcohol, and I hope that the movie will deliver an effective message to those people who use drugs or alcohol,” he said.

Tenzin Salshey said that he has learnt a lot from his first film, “The Mirror” (Melong). While watching the Milue Shurbu Che trailers at the press conference, he expressed his pride at the end product. The film’s straightforward message is: do not waste a precious human life.

Tenzin explained that his new movie is based on an innocent and intelligent student named Tenzin. Tenzin became a drug addict due to the influence of bad friends and difficult circumstances, exacerbated by selfish teachers and careless, dispirited parents.  Fortunately, with the help of a compassionate and learned Tibetan Buddhist master, he was able to overcome his addiction.

"The message of the movie is to those who use any drugs, minor or major, and even to smokers and alcoholics. I made  this film especially for children and innocent people  who don't know the effects of drugs. It is very important to know how they affect a person, because drugs can kill you. Drugs endanger the body’s main organs, the brain and the heart," Tenzin concluded.

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