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15march20103Dharamshala: Tenzin Dhakpa introduced his new book "Realistic Principles" this morning at a press conference in Dharamshala, home of the Tibetan government-in-exile, his New Book reinterprets Western Science Through Mahayana Buddhism with 12 featured articles.

A press release stated that, "Realistic Principles has come out as a result of the in-depth inquiry into the physical theories from the stinkless dimension of age old Indo-Tibeto Buddhist perspective. Technological era of the contemporary world binds us in ever closet than before that every particular field of discipline is rediscovered, re-modified, and incorporated into the mainstream to enhance the well being of the whole humanity.

"It reveals the mysteries of science in the most experienceable facts and establishes principles that conform to the indisputable faculties or natural media. It is the first ever blend of Western science and first-dimension of Mahayana Buddhism in a precise scrutiny to an extent. It further maintains facts out of rigorous re-analysis between the two and re-establishes refined principles that are universal bases.

"Tenzin Dhakpa Agongtsang is a graduate in arts from Punjab University, India. Currently, he is undertaking research on "Analyzing the Contradictions and Relations of Buddhism and Science" under the scholarship of the Department of Education, Tibetan Government-in-exile (India).

"New features in the book:

1) New Finding in Mudslide
2) The General Theory of Relativity of Albert Einstein Modified
3) Two-dimensional Space Time Continuum Introduced
4) Rediscovered Euclid's Fifth Postulate
5) Thermon: Electron in Motion in the Form of Heat a New Designation
6) Evolution of Galaxy: New Discovery
7) What is a Black Hole and How does it Originate? Origin of Black Hole: New Finding
8) Elolution of the Solar System: New Finding
9) The Curvature of Space Defined by Albert Einstein is Not so as it is Thought of
10) Law of Motion of the Planets and the Sun: New Definition
11) Elolution of the Continents of the Earth: New Finding
12) The Factor Behind the Formation of Tibetan Plateau: New Finding"

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