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17march20101Dharamshala: Ven. Bagdro, author of "A Hell on Earth, a Biography of a Tibetan Political Prisoner," inaugurated his new book, "Life in Exile", at a press conference in Dharamsala, the home of the Tibetan Government In Exile.

Bagdro was one of the leaders of the protest against brutal Chinese rule by monks from Gaden Monastery in Lhasa 22 years ago. He was imprisoned by Chinese authorities and underwent severe torment for three years in Gutsa and Drapchi prison. On his release, in 1991, he was helped to flee Tibet. Having walked over the Himalayas, he finally settled in Dharamsala where he continues his work raising awareness about Tibet's ongoing struggle.

"Right now, the plight of Tibetans has reached a critical moment. The Tibetans inside Tibet are suffering Hell on Earth. We Tibetans in the Exile should be united in shouldering the responsibility of solving the problems facing the Tibetan people," Ven. Bagdro said.

His new book documents his hardships as a Tibetan political prisoner under Chinese oppression and his tireless campaigning in France, England, the US, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia and Sweden to highlight Tibetan issues.

The book was released by Kesang Yangkyi Takla, minister for the Department of Information and International Relations, who expressed appreciation to Ven. Bagdro for his efforts in spreading awareness on the Tibetan issue.

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