The Chinese continued negligence of people's religious sensibilities and exploitation of nature in the Tibetan plateau has caused an immense damage to the environment and deeply disappointed the people of Tibet.

In the month of May, three reports of protest from different provinces of Tibet wherein the locals protested against the brutality incurred by the Chinese authorities on environment by mining on their land. Their lack of consideration and toward the appeals of people has aggravated protests in Tibet.

According to a TPI source, on Thursday, June 2 the local people of Achok Yultso township of Sangchu county, Amdo region of north-eastern Tibet, in massive numbers conducted a demonstration from yesterday's site of protest to the local government office protesting against the gold mining by Chinese on the sacred mountain of Nyenchen Gong-ngon Lari. Today's demonstration is a follow-up protest to yesterday's protest which saw many monks participating unlike the increased number of local participation today.

In a video released yesterday, protesters gathered with a huge red banner that read 'Prevent Nyenchen Gong-ngon Lari from mining' in Tibetan and Chinese and also shouted slogans. They can be heard shouting "Please protect the environment"; "Stop mining"; "Protect the holy mountain"; "We want people's safety"; and "Victory of the Holy Mountain". They also shouted slogans against Chinese hypocrisy calling out on how mining on a land without local people's consent is against the Chinese law.