Tibet: News in Focus His Holiness Concludes Teachings in Hungary

His Holiness Concludes Teachings in Hungary

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19september201012Budapest: His Holiness the Dalai Lama yesterday (September 19) concluded two days of teachings in Budapest, Hungary. Around 22,000 followers attended, with an additional 45,000 watching a live webcast of the event.

His Holiness delivered his talks in English, with simultaneous translation into Hungarian, German, Russian, Romanian and Mongolian.

The Tibetan spiritual leader encouraged the audience to develop strong, positive values, saying, "Anger, fear and mistrust make it difficult for us human beings [to] carry out our normal function. More altruistic feeling is best for good health and peace, which helps in promoting good human values."

His Holiness delivered An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and Compassion: The Art of Happiness, and also answered questions from the audience and online viewers.

He said the common ground of all major religions is that they call for love and solidarity and strive to make individuals tolerant and forgiving, and also place importance on education. He added that
happiness requires happy families and happy societies, and that prayer does not bring material gain - for that people must work.

Later, in acceptance of his award of
honorary citizen of Budapest, His Holiness said the 21st century should be the century of world peace, and must also be the century of dialogue. "World peace will not come on its own," he said. "We have to work to create it ourselves. Openness and transparency are necessary to resolve conflict, as we are all citizens of one planet - we belong to one family."

Today (September 20), His Holiness will meet members of the Hungarian Parliament and addresses students and faculty members of the Central European University.

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