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Running-from-enemy-2013Dharamshala: - A new book by Lesley Freeman, an English woman, "Running from Tenda Gyamar," foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is a story of her struggles as a volunteer teacher, living and working with the refugee children of Tibet in the Himalayan township of Northern India.

The author, Lesley says, she uses her courage, love and compassion to support the Tibetan peoples' own struggles for freedom and education.

There are two messages in the book, [Running From Red Enemy] she stated, "I endeavour to get across to readers with my story. The first, that anyone can take a risk, make sacrifices, without financial gain, not only to help others improve their lives," said Lesley.

"However, also develop themselves by facing obstacles and challenges; through witnessing the struggles of those less fortunate and helping to make a difference to them," Lesley believes that their problems can be solved with both external and internal acts.

"I always advise people, "don't live an experience through someone else's, efforts, live it through your own", she further added.

"The second message is to tell the poignant, profound experiences and suffering of the Tibetan children, in their struggle to be free and to be educated, in the hope that readers will be inspired to help in any way they can, through sponsorship of a Tibetan child or even as a volunteer," she had to say that's her book, showing a way differently to think others.

"One doesn't have to go to the extremes of what I did to be a volunteer, there are many volunteering opportunities in the UK and worldwide," she continued.

"Many Europeans travel to Tibetan settlements in India every year, holidaying, trekking and visiting Buddhist retreats," Lesley said.

"Yet I am the only person (to my knowledge) who made personal sacrifices to help others, living as the wife of a Tibetan, in Tibetan society, leaving my own culture behind to embrace new, unfamiliar ones," she expressed.

You may reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please visit the following websites to find more about her book:, Represented by Owen Burnham (L & C Literary Agency), and