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twaDharamshala: Tibetan Women's Association yesterday started an eleven day advanced Leadership Training for Tibetan Women in Exile to stand up challenging their roles in the decision making arena. This is "to strengthening the whole Tibetan democratic community by empowering our women," said Kirti Dolkar Lhamo, the president of TWA.

The Leadership Training (June 7 to June 17) started at Upper TCV School based Dharamshala with 30 attendees of professional and high potential Tibetan women leaders from all over India. Statistics say the Central Tibetan Administration is comprised low of 3% women at top level positions, where there is 97% of males at high level positions.

Exiled Tibetan government's (Kashag) eight point policy on women's empowerment launched in October this year, which provides the great platform and forum for potential women leaders to identity and hone the skill of their leaders.
The chief guest, former minister of the Tibetan Government in exile Mrs Rinchen Khando, the deputy speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in exile Mrs Gyari Dolma and, the President of Tibetan Children's Village Schools, Mr Tsewang Yeshi spoke about relevant issues at the opening ceremony. The guest launched the annual literacy magazine of TWA called ‘DOLMA' in both Tibetan and English on 21st anniversary which stands for the intellectual expression of and for Tibetan women.

The 11-day training is divided into three phases; ‘Understanding Leadership' from professional and experienced resource speakers from the exile Tibetan Community will officiate the first phase. ‘Building Leadership Skills' will be second phrase by Lynda O Lepcha, the director and master trainer of Holistic Training Solutions (New Delhi). A young trainer from the United States along with Michelle Pomeroy, will spearhead the final phase of the training on ‘Practicing Leadership.'

TWA reportedly said that their primary goal is to encourage the rights of the Tibetan women inside Tibet and to empower the women in exile. This training fits in the paradigm of TWA's ‘leadership and empowerment actions' that includes the ‘Annual Young Tibetan Women's Leadership Program.'