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01july20101Dharamshala: A new dictionary written by Tibetan scholars inside Tibet titled , "Chinese-Tibetan-English Dictionary of New Daily Vocabulary" was launched at a press conference on Thursday by Thupten Lungrig, the education Minister of Tibetan government in-exile.

More than 10,000 new Tibetan words derivatives, arranged in English alphabetical order and homonyms. Appended with a table for locating Tibetan words and it has 975 pages wth Chinese and English terms and longer Tibetan explanation.

This dictionary is also dedicated to the younger generation of new Tibet who are facing the difficulties with using the new Tibetan words of the new world.

The famous Tibetan scholar, Mr. Tsultrim Lodoe from eastern Tibet and about 50 other Tibetan scholars from the three traditional provinces of Tibet took three years to complete the modern dictionary.

The comprehensive dictionary for Tibetans also includes the new word for Science, history, geography, calendar calculation, modern medicine, plants, rhetoric, documents, customs, handicraft industry, daily use vessels, clothing, architecture, law, taxes, corvee, lease and loan.

The Dictionary was re-published by Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre Charitable Trust based in Dharamshala, India.