Dharamshala — In an interview, one of the education officers of the Department of Education of the Central Tibetan Administration told TPI a bit of the Department's work and her views on the future of Tibet. She spoke on condition of anonymity, so we will be referring to her as Tenzom.

Dehradun – A Tibetan market consisting around 180 shops have been set at Dehradun near parade ground at pant road and 20 or more shops at Rispenahpur. Since then the Tibetans belonging to Deckyiling, Clemen Town and Rajpur settlement has been living their life relying on the earnings gained from selling the varieties of wearing and bags as well.

Dehradun – Old peopleare the citizens of the past and they are the forefathers and mothers that tasted the hardships of early exile life. They are the people who built insurance to rest of us who are idly walking around leaving them in an alien house filled with people like them instead exchanging heartfelt conversations with their children and grandchildren.

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