Mundgod, India: - Many elderly members of Mundgod's Tibetan community, south India, live at the settlement's several old-age homes. The managers and residents of the Camp Three facility agreed to speak to the Tibet Post.

Mundgod, India: - Agriculture is the main industry in the Mundgod settlement.  This year, farmers faced a difficulties due to the heavy monsoon.  The Tibet Post spoke with some of them about their farming lifestyle and its various challenges.

Mundgod, India:  Tharlane Changra is the principal of the Central School for Tibetans (CST) in Mundgod.  She has been working for the CST network for 35 years and spoke with The Tibet Post about her views on education and the preservation of Tibetan identity among young people.

Mundgod, India: -  The Tibetan Service Co-operative Bank in Mundgod is supported by His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Central Tibetan Relief Committee in Dharamshala. The co-operative aims to help farmers achieve a sustainable living and ultimately self-sufficiency.



Mundgod, India:  Tenzin Choney (26), lives in Mundgod with her husband Tenzin Choyang (45), her uncle Kyap Tsering (95), and her two-year-old daughter Tenzin Dawoe.  The Tibet Post talked with her in her home about her family life, views on life in Mundgod and future hopes.

Tenzin Phenthok is a monk at Drepung Loseling. He has lived his whole life in Mundgod, and talked with the Tibet Post about his life and dreams, the ways the settlement could develop, and the importance of dialogue between ordinary Tibetans and Chinese.

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