Dharamshala: Tushita Meditation Centre's 40th anniversary celebrations were low key considering its legacy. Thousands of curious travellers from across the globe have flocked to the centre, in a tranquil forest glade which seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of McLeod Ganj's busy Main Square, just a 15 minute walk through enchanting deodar and pine forest below, to study Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism since it first opened its doors in 1972.

Dharamshala: ''Flames of Freedom'' is a daring, dramatic and thought provoking concept based on the current escalation of self-immolations in Tibet, initiated by a group of Tibetans, and others, in California. The ' burning man' concept incorporates elements of artistic and political protest which will be aimed at the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles, and perhaps more importantly, at American and World public opinion.


Dharamshala: It is one of those tragic historical paradoxes: the Chinese invade Tibet in the 1950’s and  ‘liberate’ the people, spread economic modernism and quash an ancient ‘backward’ religious culture, instead, or indeed in spite of this, Tibetan Buddhist culture travels to all corners of the globe.

Brussel: On Sunday 4th of March 2012, the Tibetan Cultural Center in Belgium has organised a very successful Tibetan Culture Day in Brussels. About 100 people participated in this interesting cultural event at "Le Cercle" in Etterbeek, among them several representatives of Tibet organisations and quite a lot Belgian Tibet supporters.

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