Dharamshala: When Mr. Kunsang Tenzing was attending classes at Saint Joseph's University, little did he know that his inner passion—just a flicker at the time—to foster a sense of love and kinship for needy Tibetans would transform into a meaningful and worthwhile organization. Tenzin is now director of the Tibet Hope Center, which offers classes in all levels of English conversation and grammar, and also initiates many much-needed community projects.

Dharamshala: A group of Tibetan students studying at ten colleges in different parts of India have gathered at the College for Higher Tibetan Studies (CHTS) at Sarah (near Dharamsala) to participate in the third annual debate on the Tibetan system of secular education.

Dharamshala: 50 Tibetan college students from across India attended Annual Youth Leadership Workshop in Dharamshala. The Tibetan parliamentary and the policy research center organized a 9 day workshop on leadership, “today’s youth, tomorrow’s leader” from 9 till 18 June.

Dharamshala: TibetPost-26January-2009-People have to admit, the high Himalaya Mountains don't block all the dark clouds. The environment in Dharamshala is not uncontaminated. However, the Nyimon Computer Centre is pure, simple and safe as a clear blue sky.

Dharamshala: A recent case of forcible prevention of candidates from using Tibetan language as a medium in examinations in Tibet has clearly exposed the Chinese government's policy of enforcing the use of Chinese language in order to marginalise the traditional language of Tibetans and the denial of equal rights to nationalities in Tibet, sources in Tibet said.

Dharamshala:  "…We must focus primarily on the education of our children and the nurturing of professionals in various fields", His Holiness the Dalai Lama said in the conclusion of his statement on the 50th anniversary of his flight into exile on 10 March.   For a community in exile, the education of a new generation takes on a new urgency - it is not only a modern academic standard that must be preserved, but an entire culture, including its language, literature, and art.
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