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lady-businessIts very easy to not notice this 5 foot tall petite female school teacher from Kollegal. She doesn't mind it either, as she would rather get noticed because of her business and its impact in the community.

Kelsang Tsering is a strong-willed, hardworking, resourceful person who has started manufacturing and retailing healthy, ready-to-eat products from her home in Kollegal. She wants her story to inspireand empower femaleentrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

After resigning as a sponsorship secretary in TCV School, Kelsang was looking for a new business opportunity.

The mother of two did not have to look outside her house for this opportunity, she noticed that her kids loved eating peanut butter but had to limit their consumption due to the high cost of peapeanut butter products available in her settlements.

These two factors combined with the year-around availability of groundnuts inspired her to start herown business.

A truly motivated female, she applied to a business plan competition [organized by TechnoServe]and went on her own to Mumbai for it. She came back from Mumbai with seed capital, business knowledge and confidence to start her own peanut butter manufacturing business.

Over the next couple of months, she bought machinery, packaging material, raw ingredients etc. and started making peanut butter for sampling. She actively included the feedback she got from her friends and family to introduce a chocolate flavored peanut butter in a larger packaging size.

lady-business-2Kelsangcurrently offers her peanut butter products in Kollegal and Bylakuppe and is now focused on scaling up her business by increasing geographical reach and introducing more products.

When asked for advice for other entrepreneurs, she replies in her humble manner- ' Not that I am qualified to give any advice. But if I were forced to, I would say that Tibetan's are extremely smart, so work harder than everyone around you to make your dream a reality and in the process it will make our community self-sustainable.'

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