President Dr Lobsang Sangay speaking at the 600th Anni of Je Tsongkhapa's Parinirvana celebrations at Gaden Lachi in Mundgod, India on 21/12/2019. Photo by Lobsang Tsering

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Dharamshala — The Tibetan President Dr Lobsang Sangay has joined other world leaders in congratulating Boris Johnson on his resounding victory in the UK general elections. President also expressed his hope that the UK would continue raising their voices to defend human rights in Tibet.

“On behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration and the Tibetan people, I extend my warmest congratulation on your resounding victory in the general election,” said the President of the Central Tibetan Administration previously known as the Government of Tibet.

“During the recent United Nations Human Rights Council, UK led 22 other countries in urging China to end its mass arbitrary detentions and related violations against Muslims in the Xinjiang region,” the Tibetan President said.

President Dr Sangay further added saying: “As one of the founding members of the United Nations, the United Kingdom has played and can continue to play a significant role in the maintenance of international peace and security.”

The legitimate, constitutional, democratically-elected President of the Tibetan people goes on saying, “Under your able premiership, we look forward to the UK’s continued leadership in protecting universal human rights and freedom around the world.”

Recalling the historic meetings of former Britain PMs Gordon Brown and David Cameron and former Deputy PM Nick Clegg and with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, President Dr Sangay said the Tibetan people remain hopeful for this tradition to continue under the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson's election victory puts Britain firmly on course to leave the EU in January, leaving the country open to negotiating free trade deals.

U.S. President Donald Trump also congratulated Boris Johnson, saying the development will mean the UK and US will be free to strike a "massive" new trade deal after Brexit.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged to develop a "friendship and close partnership" with Britain but Russia said it doubted Johnson's win would improve frayed ties.

EU leaders said they are ready for the next phase of Brexit, just hours after the resounding victory of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's party that all but seals Britain's divorce from the bloc.

"My point is very clear: we are ready. We have decided what are our priorities," said EU President Charles Michel as he arrived in an EU summit where leaders will discuss the aftermath of the UK vote and Britain's planned departure from the bloc on January 31.

China-Tibet: The one thing you need to know

Over the past 70 decades, there has been ongoing political repression, social discrimination, economic marginalization, environmental destruction, and cultural assimilation, particularly due to Chinese migration to Tibet which is fueling intense resentment among the people of occupied Tibet.

The communist-totalitarian state of China began its invasion of Tibet in 1949, reaching complete occupation of the country in 1959. Since that time, more than 1.2 million people, 20% of the nation's population of six million, have died as a direct result of China's invasion and occupation. In addition, over 99% of Tibet's six thousand religious monasteries, temples, and shrines, have been looted or decimated resulting in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of sacred Buddhist scriptures.

Until 1949, Tibet was an independent Buddhist nation in the Himalayas which had little contact with the rest of the world. It existed as a rich cultural storehouse of the Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings of Buddhism. Religion was a unifying theme among the Tibetans -- as was their own language, literature, art, and world view developed by living at high altitudes, under harsh conditions, in a balance with their environment.