Dharamsala: In February 2012, Chinese police officials arrested the performing artist Adha for accusations of weapon possession. Atruk Tseten, a member of the Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies in Tibet's India-based exile government, confirmed his arrest.

Litang County police officials explained to Adha's family that his arrest was summoned by higher authorities in China.

On April 29, 2012, Adha's family received an official letter from the Intermediate Court of Litang County in Ganzi Prefecture to confirm the arrest. The letter explained his three year sentence for weapon possession. Details of the weapons are unknown. Adha's family was granted permission to visit him in the Litang County prison, where he explained to his family that he possessed no weapons but under extreme torture he forcibly admitted and signed to charges of weapon possession.

His current health is under serious condition due to torture and poor living conditions.

Dharamsala: Tibet groups will present UK Prime Minister David Cameron with a detailed new report on the deepening crisis inside days before His Holiness the British capital. Bianca Jagger plans to deliver the urgent call for support of Tibet to 10 Downing Street on Thursday, May 10, just days before the Dalai Lama is scheduled to receive the Templeton Prize for his contribution to spirituality at London's St. Paul's Cathedral. The London, UK action marks the start of pro-Tibetan events planned across Europe, building to a European Tibet Solidarity rally in Vienna on 26 May 2012 to coincide with remarks by His Holiness at a Buddhism and science symposium.

Dharamshala: - Kalon Tripa Dr. Lobsang Sangay met with the Canadian Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney in regards to the immigration of Tibetan communities from Arunachal Pradesh.

Kalon Tripa met Jason Kenney for about 50 minutes at Hotel Elgin and exchanged a frank and friendly discussion about the Tibetan immigration project. Kalon Tripa explained in detail about the stage of the program and apprised the Minister of the aspiration of the Tibetan community.

Kalon Tripa thanked the Canadian Prime Minister and the Minister himself who have been a long term friend of Tibetan people for immigration programs. Minister Kenney is hopeful of executing the current program successfully which will pave the way for similar programs in the future, and also proposed that he might talk with his Prime Minister to talk with to undertake such immigration project in other countries too.

Berlin, April 26th, 2012 - For the second time already Tibet Initiative Germany (TID) had the honor of organizing the meeting of German-speaking Tibet Support Groups in Berlin.

Among the participants were delegates from the Swiss-Tibetan Friendship Organization (GSTF), Save Tibet Austria, Les Amis du Tibet Luxembourg, the International Tibet Network, the Tibetan Youth Association Europe (VTJE), the Association of Tibetans in Germany (VTD) and the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT).

From 2007 onwards German-speaking TSGs have been meeting on a regular basis to exchange ideas and discuss common strategies. This year's topics ranged from the ongoing crisis in Tibet, the forced settlement of Tibetan nomads, Tibet Lobby Day to the EU Special Coordinator for Tibetan Affairs.

Furthermore delegates seized the opportunity to interview Dr. Eva Lichtenberger, MEP (The Greens, Austria), Vice-President of the Tibet Intergroup in the European Parliament, during a conference-call via Skype.

Dharamshala: - On March 29, Australian academic Gabriel Lafitte will give a presentation on China's Key Metaphors of Tibet's Environment to the Tibet Policy Institute in northern India.

The presentation questions the terminology used by the Chinese authorities when describing its environmental strategies and methodologies in the Tibetan plateau.

"Some of China's familiar slogans are ‘grazing ban', ‘ecological migration', ‘leap-style development', ‘comfortable housing', ‘grain to green'," says Mr Lafitte.

"Underlying these formulas for reducing Tibet, making Tibet predictable and governable, is the basic metaphor of rangeland degradation."

Mr Lafitte is development policy consultant to the environment & development desk (EDD) of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile.

For the full script of the presentation, visit http://www.outlooktibet.com or http://rukor.org/top-ten-cliches-about-environment-in-tibet/

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