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20 march 2012 003Dharamsala: Yesterday at 12pm Tibet time the monks of Bora Monastery, Labrang erea, eastren Tibet raised the Tibetan flag and shouted "we want human rights and freedom of religion and language" at the gates of the local Chinese government.

As a result, the area is on lockdown and the Chinese government's response is unknown. Previously, during Losar of this year, the Chinese government distributed 5000 yuan to each family that agreed to celebrate Losar.

Tibetans have forgone Losar celebrations in protest of oppressive Chinese rule. Three weeks ago, during the Losar festival of Chotrol Duchen, the monks of Bora displayed the image of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which angered the local Chinese government.

On March 18th, in Pema county, Golok, Chinese police arrested a father and son without cause. After two days, the father was released in critical condition and unable to speak while the son remains in custody.

Previously, on the 24th of January, six people were arrested by Chinese police. One was eventually released but five were given long prison sentences.

Their only crime was the presentation of His Holiness' picture and the shouting of Free Tibet slogans. As a result of this protest, on the 13th of March, Tseten, age 28, was sentenced for three years by Peoples Court of Golok Area.

His younger brother, Wangdar, age 25, was sentenced for two years; another man, Lus, age 17, was sentenced for one year and Pelgya, age 20, was sentenced for one and a half years. Additionally, Damtsek, age 26, was sentenced for two years. They are all being kept in Golok prison.