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30 june 2012 003

Dharamshala: June 11th, 2012. Tsering Dhondrup, 23, held a public protest in Hongyuan County between June 11th -13th at Ngaba (Eastern Tibet). At 12 pm Beijing time.

Dhondrup raised slogans for the release of political prisoners and against the Chinese autocracy in Tibet referring to human rights violations, freedom for Tibet and freedom of movement, as well as the release of Tibetans from the Ngaba region who were arrested in Lhasa following an increased crackdown in Tibet's capital.

Dhondrup carried a banner with pictures of Tibetans who had self-immolated in Tibet. The protest lasted for nearly 25 minutes until Dhondrup was arrested by the Chinese police in Hongyuan.

Dhondrup is being held near Hongyuan County. It is believed that he will be released this week. The reason for his unusually short detention is not known. Local residents in Hongyuan have speculated that Dhondrup may have sustained serious beatings, in captivity and the authorities are avoiding responsibility by releasing him.

A native of Amo township of Hongyuan County, Dhondrup is an orphan. His late mother's name is Kangkar and he is said to have lived for some time in central Tibet.