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monks-arrest-tibetDharamshala: According to a recent Tibetan media report, a monk from Lhophu Monastery, Chamdho County, eastern Tibet was beaten to death by Chinese officials, on his way home.

Pema Norbu, studying in Dege Dzongsar Institute, in Dege County, eastern Tibet, was walking back to his hometown in Riwoche County, eastern Tibet. He found it difficult getting home due to the excessive number of police check- points through Dege County. At the blockades, the Chinese authorities were stopping people and sending them back or arresting them.

When Pema got to the Riwoche-Nangchen County border, just like the rest, he too was checked by the authorities, according to a report posted by RFA.  The police then arrested him and searched his bag. They found several CDs and a variety of books. He was then harshly beaten by authorities. After the beating he was rushed to Chamdho Hospital. However, his injuries were so severe that Pema Norbu succumbed to them at the hospital.

He is from (Lhakhang Trachilama) Trachilma temple, Trachilma village in Riwoche County, Kham region of eastern Tibet. His father is Agyal and his mother's name is Delha. 

Sources explained that incidents like these are a common occurrence inside Tibet. However, they are not often reported because of the fear of being tortured, as well as, China's polices to suppress such stories.The source went on to state that they decided to take a stand now and share the incident with the rest of the world.