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20 october 2012 003Dharamshala: Standing up for fellow Tibetans, Palthope; head police officer of Pema County in Amdo (Eastern Tibet) has been expelled from his position for advocating his beliefs and refusing to arrest peaceful protestors earlier this year.

Between the 18th to 26th January 2012, in Pema County (Amdo), the villages ofCharithang, Thakar,Jekar and Yarthangheld protests against Chinese rule. Calls were made among the communities for freedom and a return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet.

Local villagers of the regions were also reported to have called for all Tibetan political prisoners to be released, including His Holiness the Panchen Lama, who would be 23 years old this year. His whereabouts still remains unknown.

At the time of the event, which lasted around nine days, Chinese police arrested 6 people in the county for the protests.The Chinese authoritieshave since threatened that other protesters will also be arrested in connection with the event.

The PRC head police officer of the province, (Tibetan) officer Palthope, was instructed to arrange arrests for the protestors within three months of the event. If the arrests were not made, he was threatened with expulsion from his position and job.

In return, Palthope stated that hewould not arrest any of the demonstrators, in contradiction to the threat. On July 1st2012 he was expelled from his job, having refused to arrest the protestors.

After he was expelled the representatives of local monasteries visited his home, offering Karta prayer scarves, and offering long life blessings for his commitment and sacrifice. He was also invited to AshongJoanang Monastery in Pema County. Upon arriving, Palthope advised Tibetans in the area how to work better and more effectively, having insight himself from such a high position and role in the region previously.

On August 1st2012 Palthope returned to his home in from Pema County to Dharlak County; joined by around 300 different cars full of well-wishers sent by representatives to bid him farewell. The sheer number of people and support he received highlighted his commitment and sacrifice for his fellow Tibetan people.

Upon his arrival, at a specialgathering incense was burned to greet him. Wearing traditional Tibetan clothes (Chupa), he addressed and advised locals how to work with the authorities legally and peacefully. The sacrifice of Palthope of his high position, job and income highlights one of the many ways Tibetans are peacefully affirming their beliefs and basic human rights within Tibet, and within the boundaries of the regional law.

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