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tabitan-themselves-death201204afpDharamshala: - The Chinese authorities have banned monks from Ngoshul Monastery to offer condolences and join prayer rituals to observe the death of a teen monk who died after setting himself on fire in protest against the Chinese government in Ngoshul Village in Gomang Township of Ngaba (Ch: Aba) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

A report posted by India based Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democray stated that Dorjee, 15, a monk from Ngoshul Monastery staged a joint self-immolation protest on 7 November with two fellow monks, Samdup and Dorjee Kyap, both 16. The three monks burned themselves alive as they shouted slogans for the 'return of the Dalai Lama' and freedom for Tibet' in front of the Public Security Bureau office of Gomang Township.

On 8 November, a day after the protest, the Chinese authorities returned the ashes of Dorjee to his family. Right after the protest, Dorjee died of severe burns and was taken into police custody.

Samdup and Dorjee Kyap, both 16, reportedly survived the self-immolation and were believed to have been taken to Ngaba County hospital.

However, sources while reporting extreme difficulty in gathering information and the prevalence of extreme secrecy regarding the whereabouts and condition of both the monks, said it cannot be confirmed whether the monks are alive or about the location of the hospital where they are believed to be undergoing treatment.

From the moment news spread about the multiple self-immolation, local Tibetans and monks in Ngoshul Village have begun making visits to the monks' families expressing solidarity and support and joining in the prayer ceremony.

Monks from Ngoshul Monastery have been barred from participating in the prayer rituals at the deceased's home. Sources told TCHRD about the deployment of People's Armed Police at Ngoshul Monastery and Gomang Township.