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Self-immolations-tibet-2012-2009Dharamshala: – With the continuing escalation in protests against Chinese repressive policies in Tibet, Another Tibetan man has set himself on fire and died in the latest of dozens of protests against Chinese rule over the Himalayan region, according to an exclusive reports coming out of the region.

Gonpo Tsering, around 24, died after setting himself ablaze on Monday, 26 November (Around 6.00pm local Time) in front of the assembly hall of Ala Dheugo Monastery in Ala Bhoktsa township, Lhuchu county, Traditional Amdho region of north-eastern Tibet, an exclusive source told The Tibet Post International.

Tsering loudly shouted slogans calling for freedom and human rights in Tibet, and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his homeland, the sources told The Tibet Post International quoting an eyewitness in the region.

Tibetans from the township and neighboring areas gathered in huge numbers to offer their prayers and condolences to Tsering. Sources also stated that China has deployed a heavy security forces in the region following the incident.

Gonpo Tsering is survived by his parents; father, Wangyal 43, and mother, Namlo, his wife Namgyal Dolma 26, and their three children; one son and two daughters, Samdup 6, Tsring Dolma 3, Tsering Lhamo 2, the source has stated.

"The reasons for the self-immolations are self-evident: political repression, economic marginalization environmental destruction, and cultural assimilation," said The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA).

The communications; including internet connections and mobile phone signals were cut off in Tibet, particularly in Kham and Amdho regions of eastern Tibet (Chinese: Xinghai and Sichuan) recent months.

Since the beginning of the tragic incident in 2009, mapping exactly what is happening inside Tibet has been very difficult and serious. Reports of the tragic incidents often come via accounts posted on social networking sites, accompanied by grainy camera phone footage.

The international tourists and specially foreign journalists had been continuously banned from entering Tibet, as part of the regime's efforts to prevent international news organizations from covering the fact/reality in the region.

"Despite repeated appeal by the Central Tibetan Administration not to take drastic actions, 85 Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet in protest against the Chinese government's repressive rule," CTA added.

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